Group Training

Get Fit With Friends

Get Fit With Friends

Join a group training class in Fall River, MA

Working out can feel intimidating at first. A lot of people prefer to begin their road to wellness with group fitness classes. This type of training allows people to feel more comfortable while training and make friends. You can join a beginner or intermediate group training class at Warrior Hiitfit in Fall River, MA. We host group classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at varying times. You can check our website weekly for times and updates.

Attend a group fitness class in Fall River, MA today.

Using HIIT techniques

If you're ready to sweat, our fitness classes are right for you. Our classes are based on high-intensity interval training (HHIT) techniques. Different class times will cover different levels of intensity. If you're new to this type of training, you can begin with our starter classes and work your way up. You'll burn fat and build muscle, all while raising your heart rate.

Ask our trainer about group training classes now by calling 508-271-5803. She does everything she can to make every participant feel comfortable and reach their workout goals.